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Great reasons to shop at Meat & More

Discover the many benefits of choosing our top quality meat:

  1. Ideal meat for those who take care of their health, athetic people looking for a more protein diet or people with allergies.

  2. Natural meat with a particular taste our customers love.

  3. Low in fat.

  4. Hormone and antibiotic free.

  5. When the animals are slaughtered, the cuts are immediately wrapped and vacuum sealed in individual formats and frozen killing any potential bacteria. This process allows for maximum freshness. You are in a rush? Do not worry, the meat packages thaw quickly in cold water.

  6. Up to one year conservation if the meat is properly stored in a freezer.

  7. We have a humane attitude toward animals. They are not stressed, which promotes taste and tenderness.

  8. We stand out compared to grocery stores and butcher shops. When you buy your meat in a grocery store, you do not know where it came from or when the animal was slaughtered. You only know when the meat was packed, which is very little. You have no certainty regarding the freshness of the product and there is risk of bacterial contamination.

  9. We always source our animals from the same farms, including the beef on our own farms.

  10. We slaughter our animals when their weight is appropriate to obtain a leaner, better quality meat which tastes better, is more tender and is also better for your health.

  11. Although we do not have the certification attributed to organic meats, we offer the advantages of this type of product at a more affordable price.

  12. Visit one of our locations today to discover our many products and their benefits. Once you have tried our meat, you will not accept anything else.

Why buy frozen meat instead of unfrozen meat?

  1. Because when you buy frozen meat at V&P, you know for sure the meat was immediately vacuum packed and frozen immediately after being butchered. With unfrozen meat, you are not sure of anything.

  2. Because freezing vacuum packed meat at V&P kills any bacteria which may be present in the butchering process.
    With unfrozen meat bacteria is present and more so with time.

  3. Because vacuum packed frozen meat at V&P when unfrozen tastes as fresh as if it was just butchered. With unfrozen meat the freshness is lost as time goes by and can become dangerous for food poisoning if kept to long in or out of the refrigerator.

  4. Because vacuum packed frozen meat at V&P unfreezes very quickly in cold water for short notice use. For example, you decide to invite friends for a filet mignon super on the upcoming weekend, but your not sure of the weather. Don't worry about it,, you can put the filet mignon cuts vacuum packed in their bags directly into cold water 3/4 hr before cooking them and they will be ready for the BBQ when you are. So if it rains, no problem, leave them in the freezer for the next event. If they were bought unfrozen and in your refrigerator waiting for the event, well you would have to eat them all party or not or through them away. Not great !!

  5. Because vacuum packed frozen meat at V&P can be kept in your freezer for months without loosing its freshness and is readily available for when you are. Unfrozen meat must be consumed quickly and looses its freshness by the hour. Come visit one of our boutiques to see our products or to get more information on the benefits of frozen meat.


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